In the Summer and fall of 2017, Ray , W2RE was building a Superstation for me in Lubec, Maine.. When it was time for me to choose antennas, Ray recommended GXP antenna. For some reason, I wanted a different antenna and went with Momobeam….a big and costly mistake!!! After a few months the boom of  my MOMOBEAM 40 meter yagi at 140 feet started to bend .. By spring I had to take down the MOMOBEAM 40 meter antenna and replaced with a GXP 40 meter antenna and It has done well in the harsh climate of costal Maine. I also had installed a 7 element/7 band GXP antenna at 120 feet primarily for WARC and SO2R contesting an it has played well, especially as a backup on 10/15/20 when the Momobeam tribanders were not working in the bad weather of coastal Maine. In October 2018, the boom of my top Momobeam 16 element tribander at 125 feet snapped in half!!!! The antenna threatened to cut the guy wires and take the tower down while dangling dangerously. Fortunately for me, Ray made an emergency run up to Lubec and at a big risk to himself, cut the broken antenna in pieces to save the rest of the tower…. . 
In the Spring I will be replacing the Momobeam tribanders with a stack of three GXP 16 element tribanders … The entire Momobeam fiasco will set me back well over 20,000 dollars … DO yourself a favor…..do the job once and do it right. If you want antennas that play well and priced well with an amazing track record of surviving the harshest of conditions …go with GXP…you will not be disappointed !!.

Robert Higgins